Golden Caster Sugar
Golden Caster Sugar
Golden Caster Sugar
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Golden Caster Sugar

Delicately Sweet, with a golden touch.

Inspired by Mayan Culture, which was located in the sunny landmass of Central America, this sugar is golden & delicately fine. Cane molasses give the fine sugar crystals of our Fairtrade Golden Caster their delicious taste.

Every pack of Golden Caster Tate & Lyle® Fairtrade sugar that you buy helps make a positive contribution to thousands of small scale cane sugar farmers in developing countries.

Flavour scale 1: Delicate

500 g

Golden Caster Sugar

How can I use this sugar?

It is perfect for cakes, macaroons and meringues.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, it is 100% recyclable. Also, our pouch is re-sealable to lock in all the freshness and flavour.

How is sugar-cane grown?

Sugar cane belongs to the grass family. It grows up to 3 meters in height in tropical and subtropical climates. Planted as a cutting it is a perennial crop, re-growing from the same root every year for 3 to 10 years before re-planting is needed. The key ingredients for successful growth are rainfall and sunlight. The sugar cane plant uses the process of photosynthesis to make sugar and stores it in the stem. Sugar cane is grown from short lengths of cane called 'setts'.

Where can I buy it?

At Sainsbury, Amazon & Ocado.