We are delighted to announce the first baking dreams competition winner is Jessica Rossley from Yorkshire for her Cupcake Coaches dream

And the second baking dreams competition winner is……Marjorie Paulson with her ‘One Jammy Lady’ baking book dream! You can find out more about Marjorie here.

Drumroll please… our third Baking Dreams winner is, Mandy Dunn with her Children’s Cookery School dream!

Whisks at the ready, our fourth Baking Dreams winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Sarah Bates with her Cake Decorating Cake dream...

And our final winner of Baking Dreams is... Holly Cartwright! Holly completes our five winners with her Cake and Brunch Café dream – sounds delicious to us!

Jessica Rossley

Jess' Baking Dream:

"I have always been interested in baking and often bake cakes and traybakes in my spare time. My family will always eat them, either that or I take them to work for the nurses and doctors to eat in order for them to maintain energy. My Dad owns a coach company and I have always said I would like to renovate a coach and turn it into a vintage tearoom, then we could visit somewhere different each day. Being able to bake cakes all day is my ultimate baking dream.”

How would you spend £5,000 to make your baking dream come true?

“I would spend the money renovating and adapting the coach to a moving café. It would be a family run business involving all of my immediate family as they all have different and useful qualities.”

Why should we choose you to win?

“I think this is an individual idea and due to life and circumstances I will probably never be able to live my baking dream therefore this would be an ideal opportunity for me.”

How do you feel about winning?

“This was very unexpected as it was just a pipe dream therefore I feel shocked but very excited about the future. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie’s Baking Dream:

"My dream is to write a cook book, to have it published and see it on the shop floor shelf”

How would you spend £5,000 to make your baking dream come true?

“I would write a book to show how easy it is to bake with jams, marmalades and fruit using all different types of sugar. It would include baking for children (I teach my own grandchildren, who at a very young age love to help out in the kitchen). The book would feature recipes for jam, marmalade and everyday easy-bake recipes”

Why should we choose you to win?

“I won the Title of World Jampion (Jampionships) last year (2013), held in Dundee; and I make award winning Marmalades too. This year I was awarded two prestige Gold Awards at the World Marmalade Awards-Cumbria”

How do you feel about winning?

“I love to bake and experiment with flavours. I am passionate about what I do, and would like the opportunity to share some of my secrets, and perhaps in the future open a small dedicated Jammy Cookery School, here at my home in Shropshire. I have a Facebook page called ‘One Jammy Lady’ with recipes, hints and tips”

Mandy Dunn

Mandy’s Baking Dream:

"My baking dream is to set up a children's cookery school in order to teach little ones those basic cooking and baking skills which sadly do not seem to be passed down from generation to generation any more.”

How would you spend £5,000 to make your baking dream come true?

“I would use the money to buy equipment and ingredients, and to hire suitable premises.”

Why should we choose you to win?

“I have primary school aged children and ran an after school cookery club at their school for 2 years. Along with another mum, we invented and adapted recipes to show the children that baking even cakes can be healthy. We made delicious bakes including moist chocolate and beetroot muffins, zingy lemon and courgette cupcakes and sticky flapjacks packed with nutritious dried fruit. I feel I have the experience and enthusiasm to make a children's cookery school really successful.”

How do you feel about winning?

“I bounced around the kitchen for quite some time when I heard the news, much to the amusement of my 2 children! I am so pleased that the judges considered my ideas as worthwhile as I truly believe they are.”

Sarah Bates

Sarah’s Baking Dream:

"My baking dream is to open Cake Decorating Cafes - informal, fun & relaxing places where friends & family can meet for a coffee and enjoy decorating a cake together whenever they feel like it.”

How would you spend £5,000 to make your baking dream come true?

“I would kit out my first Cake Decorating Cafe with all the cutters, equipment & tools needed for people to discover just how easy & rewarding cake decorating can be, and I would invest in some advertising & promotion to get the word out.”

Why should we choose you to win?

“I would love to help make Cake Decorating accessible to everyone in a contemporary & informal way, showing them how easy it is when you have all the equipment, icings & assistance to hand. I’m amazed by what people can achieve in a couple of hours & am constantly delighted by their obvious sense of achievement.”

How do you feel about winning?

“I am thrilled to have been selected as a Baking Dream winner and very grateful to Tate & Lyle for giving me this opportunity to invest in my idea which will hopefully inspire lots of people to have a go at Cake Decorating & discover how relaxing & enjoyable it can be.”

Holly Cartwright

Holly’s Baking Dream:

"My baking dream would be to run my own cake and brunch café where cake is sold by huge generous slices with different teas from around the world. I’d serve an all day brunch on the weekend that included towering pancake stacks drizzled in gallons of maple syrup and cinnamon French toast. I’d have the recipes to my specials posted on my blog too www.hollylovescake.com

How would you spend £5,000 to make your baking dream come true?

“I would spend it by getting equipment such as a Kitchenaid and buying lots of new ingredients to test new cake recipes! I would also buy a professional camera to take better pictures for my blog to help spread the word about my cakes. I’d like to improve and learn new techniques so I am also considering take a patisserie course.”

Why should we choose you to win?

“You should choose me to win because I am so passionate about baking. I love making everything from sugary iced buns to pecan pie and courgette cake! I will really put the money towards good use to help me become a better baker and achieve my dream.”

How do you feel about winning?

“I am so over the moon and excited, I can’t believe I was picked! Thank you so much”

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. We loved reading all of your exciting and creative entries. Be sure to continue to follow your Baking Dreams with Tate & Lyle Sugars